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Bent Rim Before Repair
Bent Rim After Before Repair

Buckled, bent or cracked rims are no problem for WheelFX. We will assess your damaged rim and if it is repairable, we can do it! Our Zetamak RSM 2600S rim straightening machine is capable of repairing alloy & steel rims. It has a built in lathe to re-machine the rim after straightening and or welding. All of our alloy rim welding & repairs are carried out by trained technicians and all work is completed to Australian Standard AS1638.

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Gutter/ Kerb Damage Before
Gutter/ Kerb Damage After

Our trained technicians can repair kerb and gutter damage to your alloy wheels. We will restore it to like brand new condition for only a fraction of the cost of a new wheel. In most  cases we do not even need to remove the tyre.

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A high quality durable finish can only be achieved with a high quality lacquer. There are a number of different lacquers or clear coats you can use. These fall into two categories: single pack and two pack.

Single pack lacquers are often supplied in aerosols and are not suitable for alloy wheels as they are not durable enough. Two pack lacquers work by mixing two components together before application (the lacquer and a hardener) and will produce a professional and lasting finish.

WheelFX only uses a specially developed UV compliant lacquer and primer on alloy wheels. We have an extensive colour database and use the SMART paint waterbourne system which is fully compliant, has excellent coverage and colour matching, producing fast and quality repairs.

WheelFX’s custom built spray booths are specifically designed for alloy wheels, and ensure a contaminant free finish through their built in air curtain and extraction system.

Only the highest quality waterbased paints designed for use on alloy wheels are used at WheelFX. Some of our competitors used solvent based paints which can react to different alloys, causing defects in the painted finish.

Our smart cure oven uses state-of-the-art ultra violet technology which cures our specially produced lacquers and primers to be cured in under eight minutes. This is achieved within a clean, controlled environment. Tests have shown that following the cycle, our UV lacquer has a much greater scratch and chemical resistance compared to conventional two pack lacquer following its recommended bake time.

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Customised Wheel Example
Wheel Customisation